The first communication satellite of the Republic of Belarus BELINTERSAT-1 is to provide a wide range of telecommunication services (satellite TV and radio broadcasting, broadband internet access). The satellite carries transponders operating in C- and Ku-bands.

The satellite is based on the DFH-4 bus (China) manufactured of 100% certified flight-quality components. BELINTERSAT-1 is the 9th companion on this platform, launched into the geostationary orbit. A renowned world leader in the design and construction of the spacecraft В «Thales Alenia SpaceВ» (France-Italy) has been chosen as a supplier of the satellite's payload.

Orbital slot 51.5В°E
Tolerance В±0,05В°
Launch January 16, 2016
Payload C-band: 20 С… 36 MHz, circular polarization
Ku-band: 18 x 36 MHz; 4 x 54 MHz, linear polarization
Platform DFH-4
Power 10 150 W
Lifetime 15 years
BandBeamsQuantity of transpondersTransponder bandwidth, MHzPolarization
C African up to 16 36 circular
Global up to 6
Eastern up to 12
Ku African 12* 36 linear
European 2
4 54

* “Cross-strapped” option (one way uplink in Europe - downlink in Africa) for 4 transponders.
The satellite carries 38 transponders (34 are 36MHz, 4 are 54MHz bandwidth).