Intelsat Galaxy 19


Galaxy 19 is a communications satellite owned by Intelsat located at 97В° West longitude, serving the North American market. Galaxy 19 replaced Galaxy 25 which is nearing the end of its design life and has been moved to 93.1В°W longitude.

It was built by Space Systems/Loral, as part of its FS-1300 line. Galaxy 19 was formerly known as Intelsat Americas 9 and was successfully launched September 24, 2008. The clients for Galaxy 19 include the previous clients for Galaxy 25. Expanded services include higher-powered Ku-band transponders.

Galaxy 19 was launched using Sea Launch

Position 97В° West
Expected lifetime 13+ (20) yrs
Launch date 24.09.2008
Orbit GEO
Operator Intelsat
Beacon(s) 3700.5H,
4199.5V 3709,
Ku-band Payload 28 transponders