Intelsat Galaxy 23


Galaxy 23 is the name given to the C-band service of the Galaxy 23/EchoStar 9 communications satellite jointly owned by Intelsat and EchoStar located at 121В° W longitude, serving the North American market. It was built by Space Systems/Loral, as part of its FS-1300 line. Galaxy 23 was formerly known as Intelsat Americas 13. The "Galaxy 23" portion of the service provides transponders in the C-band. The C-band payload is owned and operated by Intelsat.

Position 91В° West
Expected lifetime 15 yrs
Launch date 04.05.2007
Orbit GEO
Operator Intelsat
Beacon(s) 4197.125H,
C-band Payload 24 transponders