Yamal 402


The Yamal-402 satellite is located in the orbital position 55В°E. Its total capacity is 66 equivalent 36 MHz transponders.

Of the satellite beams 4 are fixed (Russian, Northern, European, Southern) and one is steerable.

18 x 36 MHz transponders of planned frequency bands are used in the Russian beam exactly contouring the borders of the Russian Federation. This beam also features 4 x 54 MHz transponders utilizing standard frequency bands.

9-12 x 72 MHz transponders can operate in a wide Northern beam with its coverage zone over the visible part of Russia, the CIS countries, almost all of Europe and part of Middle East.

4 x 54 MHz transponders operate in the European beam, covering East and Central Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa.

8 x 54 MHz transponders operating in a wide Southern beam, covering the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Up to 3 x 72 MHz transponders can operate in the steerable beam providing a possibility of interbeam connection of the Southern beam with the Russian, European and Northern beams.


Orbital Position


Payload Power, W


Frequency Band


Number of Transponders and Bandwidth, MHz


Transmitter Output Power, W

120 - 150

Station Keeping Accuracy, deg


Satellite Axes Orientation Accuracy, deg.


Launch Date




Yamal 402 CZ1
Yamal 402 CZ2
Yamal 402 CZ3