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Belinter Media is a global provider of a wide range of telecommunication services over different satellites in C- and Ku-bands over the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Do not hesitate to contact us with any project or requirement you might have, we are sure to find the best technical and commercial solution to satisfy your needs. We will do our best to meet your demands.

It is very important to stay connected in the modern world.

Belinter Media came into existence in 2013. Our goal is that all the people that need to get connected have access to a really outstanding value-for-money service and presence anywhere we offer our coverage and support.

We can deliver creative solutions to your needs. Belinter Media's technical infrastructure and engineering excellence, as well as our expertise and understanding of the media world, will assist you to reach your targets and goals.

Belinter Media is a leading provider of broadcast services. We work in close cooperation with the best satellite operators and have long term cooperation on existing and upcoming satellites, which enables us to provide the highest level and at the same time a very affordable service to our clients.

Having highly skilled professionals as regional representatives all over the world, Belinter Media is able to meet its clients needs and broadcast their content anywhere in its service areas.




Belinter Media's New DTH Platform Finally Over Slovakia and the Czech Republic!

Belinter Media has finished all the preparatory work related to a DTH platform on the Republic of Belarus communication satellite BELINTERSAT 1, which is located at 51.5 degrees East. A number of SD and HD channels encrypted in Panaccess have been successfully tested on the satellite's three transponders, and we are proud to announce that the new platform called Pantelio has finally been launched over the two neighbouring countries!



China Has Successfully Launched the First Belarusian Telecommunication Satellite!

January 16, 2016 saw the first Belarusian telecommunications satellite BELINTERSAT-1 sent into space from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province. The event also happened to be China's first orbital mission this year. The spacecraft will be operated by the Belarusian


In the satellite business it is impossible to overestimate the importance of a good Teleport. Or Teleports, which is much better!

Belinter Media is proud of the Teleports the services of which it offers to customers. Apart from possessing high-skilled staff, up-to-date equipment and the optimum infrastructure to satisfy satellite communications requirements of the most demanding clients, our partner Teleports are capable of ensuring an excellent visibility to the satellites covering vast areas being in situated in strategic geographic locations over Europe:

- The Republic of Belarus

- The United Kingdom

- The Federal Republic of Germany


Belinter Media operates over a series of satellites ensuring a truly global coverage in C- and Ku-bands. Whatever your top priorities might be in any sense of the word, our pool of satellites is sure to meet any demand. As for the services provided, one can choose from telecommunication services (satellite TV and radio broadcasting, broadband internet access), satellite services for voice, video, data, mobility applications and anything else one can think of. Different frequencies, positions, service life periods, popularity and other features affecting the price of the satellite capacity enable any client to tailor a specific custom solution and tick all the boxes.
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The first communication satellite of the Republic of Belarus BELINTERSAT-1 is to provide a wide range of telecommunication services (satellite TV and radio broadcasting, broadband internet

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Azerspace-1 is also the first telecommunication satellite of its country (Azerbaijan), launched on February 8, 2013. It is capable of providing reliable satellite communication

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The Yamal-402 satellite is located in the orbital position 55В°E. Its total capacity is 66 equivalent 36 MHz

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EUTELSAT 7 WEST A has two beams giving superior coverage across the Middle East, including the Gulf States, as well as North Africa and North-West

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Optimised for Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcasting, EUTELSAT 9A supplies coverage across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East for TV channels and platforms. Adjacent to

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With three high-power satellites, the HOT BIRD family at 13В° East forms one of the largest broadcasting systems in Europe, delivering 1100 television channels to more than 138

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Yamal-401 is large-sized satellite. The payload power of this satellite is more than 10 kW. Satellite was launched on December 15, 2014. Its lifetime is 15 years. Yamal-401

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The SES-6 satellite is located at the prime orbital position of 40.5В° W, providing significant capacity expansion in Latin America and the Caribbean. The satellite's expanded

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Intelsat IS-805 at

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Galaxy 19 is a communications satellite owned by Intelsat located at 97В° West longitude, serving the North American market. Galaxy 19 replaced Galaxy 25 which is nearing the

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Our Vision

To become one of the leading satellite communication providers in the market. The best day to begin developing the communications infrastructure is today. The cost of accessing space has drastically reduced recently. Now small and agile private companies are better operators in the sector, which global players once used to dominate.

Our Mission

To make customers happy with our efficient and reliable operation, respecting the highest quality standards, and the company's innovative and extensive services portfolio. The number of satellites is increasing with every passing year, and satellite communication services are becoming viable business opportunities.

Our Values

Our company's staff has a solid reputation, which translates directly into Belinter Media's business values. To us our customer always comes first. Hence, all we do must be clear, innovative, and secure with the best value-for-money ratio.


Belinter Media is a provider of a very wide range of services, consisting of technical possibilities specifically tailored to the needs of any customer. Their quality is far superior both to that of any competitors in the area of our operation or the transport of signals via fiber. We provide TV and radio broadcasters, as well as content producers with a high quality, cost effective outsource for all of their requirements listed below. Belinter Media provides uninterrupted and dependable services through several levels of redundancy from power supply through the end transmission chains.

Broadband Internet

Belinter Media is capable of offering large volumes of dedicated Internet connectivity to cellular operators, ISPs, PTTs/PTOs etc. IP Trunking provides our customers with highly reliable Internet connectivity and numerous satellites covering the whole world. VSAT services enable corporate customers to ensure multiple service packages for any needs and unsurpassable quality of service at any location on earth or at sea. We can provide customers in Africa with European (both in origin and quality) Internet at reasonable prices.

Channel Distribution

Belinter Media is capable of delivering the highest quality of the picture as we utilize the latest technological achievements, thus ensuring broadcasters distribution of SD/HD/3D/UHD channels with very high overall viewing experience. Belinter Media's reliable transportation of the signal from source through end users is guaranteed by complete head end redundancy and powerful stream processing.


Belinter Media is also a provider of different conditional access solutions. Conditional access systems that we offer ensure high level security to Pay TV operators any time and at any place. We can offer many conditional access solutions to choose from which gives our customers most individual ways to achieve a higher security of the platform for high-value services thus preventing piracy and protecting revenues of the Belinter Media's clientele.


Belinter Media utilizes an established playout with advanced graphics performance with virtually unlimited layers of animated text and multi-level animations. Our clients have a wide choice of playout options where any of them can be configured to suit each customer's specific requirements. Whatever you want to produce with the desired level of complexity and the budget planned, playout possibilities offered by Belinter Media are endless.


Belinter Media services make it possible to receive signals in many standards and then convert them to any other standard using up-to-date cross converters. We provide turnaround services in C- and Ku-bands in the areas of our coverage that ensures direct and reliable access to various multiplatform distribution options which help our customers channels to develop in all senses.



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