Belinter Media is a provider of a wide range of services depending on the requests of our customers. We provide TV and radio broadcasters, as well as content producers with a high quality, cost effective outsource for all of their requirements listed below. Belinter Media provides uninterrupted and dependable services through several levels of redundancy from power supply through the end transmission chains. The list of our customers includes both governmental companies and military organizations as well as private companies.

Broadband Internet

Belinter Media is capable of offering large volumes of dedicated Internet connectivity to cellular operators, ISPs, PTTs/PTOs etc. IP Trunking provides our customers with highly reliable Internet connectivity and numerous satellites covering the whole world. VSAT services enable corporate customers to ensure multiple service packages for any needs and unsurpassable quality of service at any location on earth or at sea. We can provide customers in Africa with European (both in origin and quality) Internet at reasonable prices.

Channel Distribution

Belinter Media is capable of delivering the highest quality of the picture as we utilize the latest technological achievements, thus ensuring broadcasters distribution of SD/HD/3D/UHD channels with very high overall viewing experience. Belinter Media's reliable transportation of the signal from source through end users is guaranteed by complete head end redundancy and powerful stream processing.


Belinter Media is also a provider of different conditional access solutions. Conditional access systems that we offer ensure high level security to Pay TV operators any time and at any place. We can offer many conditional access solutions to choose from which gives our customers most individual ways to achieve a higher security of the platform for high-value services thus preventing piracy and protecting revenues of the Belinter Media's clientele.


Belinter Media utilizes an established playout with advanced graphics performance with virtually unlimited layers of animated text and multi-level animations. Our clients have a wide choice of playout options where any of them can be configured to suit each customer's specific requirements. Whatever you want to produce with the desired level of complexity and the budget planned, playout possibilities offered by Belinter Media are endless.


Belinter Media services make it possible to receive signals in many standards and then convert them to any other standard using up-to-date cross converters. We provide turnaround services in C- and Ku-bands in the areas of our coverage that ensures direct and reliable access to various multiplatform distribution options which help our customers channels to develop in all senses.